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The Glute Bridge

The Glute Bridge exercise has a positive impact and can be integrated either in the training schedules or recovery programs. It can be used under multiple variations (elevated leg bridge, hip thrust, unilateral bridge, unilateral hip thrust) as depending on the specific joint position it can engage different muscle groups.

In the pictures above 3 different knee angles were used in order to influence the posterior muscle activity: 1️⃣ Increasing the knee flexion will increase the hip extension enhancing glutes activity

2️⃣ In this variation due to the isometric position of the femoral, there is an equilibrium between the glutes and hamstrings activity. This is the optimum position for the majority of people

3️⃣ The reduced knee flexion has an enhanced effect on the hamstrings muscles and less on the glutes. This potion focuses isometrically on femoral muscles therefore can be used for both building strength or for recovering the muscle tone after an injury #glutes #glutesworkout #hipthrust#hiphinge #posture #strength #hypertrophy#exercise #betterform #improving#weighttraining #glutebridge #hamstrings


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