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Health translates into discipline, work and intensity and this applies to all different ages. At a first glance looks a bit complicated, but is it really?


The Box unites a community of people with a common objective: having a healthier lifestyle. Our life today is very busy with work, meetings and social events, leaving little time for sport, lunch or sleep.


We have a solution for your busy schedule! All you need you to have when entering our door is the will to become healthier or a better athlete. We take care of the rest.


In all our actions we are guided by our mission to decrease the percentage of people who are not practicing any sport in Romania. Therefore our training programs are built to be scalable for all ages and different fitness levels. Our gym is open for all you, beginners and athletes of all ages.


Our trainers are eager to help you make the first steps in sport and are prepared as well to help athletes achieving their objectives and maximizing their performance.


The community here will help you go over barriers you never thought you were capable of. Its no fun training alone! The Box - Barbell Club is more than a gym, it’s a family!


Come and check it out!

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