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10 carti care trebuie citite daca esti antrenor

Am facut o lista cu cartile pe care le-am citit si care au avut un impact pozitiv asupra dezvoltarii mele ca antrenor. Bineinteles ca lista poate sa difere de la antrenor la antrenor si fiecare considera o anumita carte reprezentativa pentru el.

In blogul de astazi o sa le prezint pe scurt si o sa scriu si cateva "citate" importante pe care mi le-am notat de-a lungul timpului, mai bine zis informatii care pentru mine au fost de folos.

The simplest and most effective training system for raw strength - Jim Wendler

Editia a doua a cartii 5-3-1, probabil programul dupa care m-am antrenat cel mai mult cand am inceput antrenamentele cu specific de powerlifting.

Ca o idee generala programul arata asa:

  • Fiecare mezociclu dureaza undeva la 4-6 saptamani.

  • Prima saptamana: 3 seturi a cate 5 repetari

  • Saptamana doi: 3 seturi a cate 3 repetari

  • A treia saptamana: 1 set de 5 repetari, unul de 3 repetari si unul de o repetare (5/3/1)

  • A patra saptamana: 3 seturi a cate 5 repetari. Saptamana aceasta e pentru "deload".

Special strength training manual for coaches - Yuri Verkhoshansky and Natalia Verkhoshansky

Probabil cea mai grea carte pe care am citit-o dar cu informatii extrem de folositoare care inca sunt aplicabile in lumea sportului si in ziua de azi.

Parintele pliometriei, de fapt atunci se numea "Shock regime".

"Shock regime is characterized by a sharp, sudden force effort of muscle stretched by a former short, powerful impact against an external opposition. The idea behind this method is in the use of the body's kinetic energy, accumulated in its free fall, to stimulate neuromuscular tension. That results in two interrelated reactions of the neuromuscular system:

-increasing the motor neuron's stimulation intensity

-creating an elastic potential of muscle tension"

Back mechanic - Stuart McGill

Stuart McGill omul pe care ar trebui sa il intrebi orice este legat de spate, el avand o experienta vasta in acest domeniu. O carte simpla, insa cu foarte multe informatii utile.

Are si o parte de mythbusting in carte din care o sa enumar cateva:

"Myth: stretching is good for reducing back pain

"Fact: although stretching is considered universally beneficial for back pain suffers, this is an old-fashioned notion that needs challenging"

"Myth: my friend was cured using xyz therapy - he swears by it. It must be good for me.

Fact: as previously mentioned there is no universal cause or cure for back pain. A method that led to success for a friend may or may not be beneficial to you as your condition is likely different."

Developing Power - Mike McGuigan

Tot ce inseamna putere, de la definitii, la exercitii si pana la program de antrenament pentru dezvoltarea acesteia.

"Power is defined as the rate of performing work and is a product of force and displacement"

"Power (w)= force (N) x velocity (m/s)"

Developing Endurance - Ben Reuter

Aici avem tot ce este legat de efort aerob, fiind vorba de aceeasi informatie din punct de vedere structural ca in cartea de sus, cea legata de putere.


"Endurance training also improves the capacity of the lungs during exercise. This means that the person's respiratory rate and tidal volume are improved. These improvements in lung capacity may contribute to an increase in maximal oxigen uptake (VO2max). Maximal oxygen uptake is defined as the highest volume of oxygen that a person's body is capable of taking in and using."