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Baza Sportiva Unirea


Monday to Friday

7am to 11am *only for 1:1 Private PT

5pm to 9pm

Saturday  10am to 12pm

Sunday closed


Ale. Clabucet 1,

Cluj-Napoca, România

Tel: +40 770 520 655



Gabriel Sincraian

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If you are passionate about weightlifting or you want to become the next Olympic champion or only want to understand how is best to lift heavy weights, I am waiting for you in The Box.

Emilia Lapau

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Being a professional track athlete, a tennis player and coach, my main focus is on strength training and reaching the most accurate biomechanics in order to facilitate muscle development and increase the capacity of the cardio-respiratory system.

Bogdan Petrican

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I am specialised on strength training and I believe that a training program should be based on evaluation, identification and strengthening your weak points.

The Box - Barbell Club

Why The Box - Barbell Club @BS Unirea?

The location is one of the best in Cluj for practicing sports, its within a facility right near the woods so you can have a breath of fresh air and get energised for your entire day. What we looked for when we chose this venue was to have a private spot where you can train without minding anyone else. We also have lots of parking slots available within the facility.


In this location we aspire to take the Box vision further, focusing on performance training, health and education. This a closed group club with only 30 members so that you can enjoy your privacy while working out.


1:1 private PT Sessions

1200 RON/mo

If you want an increased level of privacy while working out, this is the perfect package for you. You can enjoy your type of music and focus on the moves without minding of anyone else. This package provides you the option to keep training while maintaining increased safety, being just you and the trainer in the entire club.

Group PT Sessions

900 RON/mo

Follow a personalised training schedule, work with The Box trainer to learn correct moves to improve your health and performance.

*includes 1 to 3 sessions/week

Monthly Subscription

280 RON/mo + Membership*


  • Olympic Weightlifting (adults, juniors): You can come and train on your own or you can choose to work with Gabriel Sincraian. We train here the next Olympic weightlifting champions.

  • Strength/Powerlifting (adults, juniors): You can come and train on your own or you can choose to work with Bogdan Petrican. We also want to discover the next powerlifting champions.


240 RON

As this is a private club with a limited number of memberships (30), you will have to secure your spot by paying the membership. After that, you will keep your spot secured by paying the Monthly Subscription. If the Monthly Subscription isn't renewed within 5 days, you will loose your spot and the Membership.


Join The Box - Barbell Club @BS Unirea
Opening date will be announced soon.
Baza Sportivă Unirea,
Aleea Clabucet, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

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