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AntiCrash And Hare Patch Setup Free moydagn




AntiCrash and Hare Patch. There are times when a bug is going to cause your car to stall. This can happen when the engine is cold, the fan is running but the motor is not, the battery is dead or a many other scenarios. What do you do? Do you slam on the brakes to avoid a crash, or do you blindly accelerate to see where the stall will occur? It’s safer to slow the car down and find a safe place to stop, but that isn’t an option when you’re late for work or you’re driving in the snow. You need to know where your stall will occur in order to time your crash correctly. This can be difficult to do if you’re not familiar with the setup of your factory anti-stall system. This is where the AntiCrash and Hare Patch come in. First, let’s go over the basics of anti-stall systems. The ABS is electrically connected to the ECU to prevent the wheels from locking. Typically, the ECU inputs a logic signal to the ABS to tell the ABS to become an anti-stall system. When an ABS-equipped vehicle senses that it is going to roll, the ECU senses this and sends a “no-clutch” signal to the ABS. Once the ECU senses the no-clutch signal, it sends an anti-stall signal to the ABS. The ECU then takes over and puts the car into an anti-stall mode, giving the driver some time to correct the roll. When the driver realizes that the car is starting to stall, the driver can push the clutch pedal in, which puts the ECU in a “pushing clutch” mode. The ECU then instructs the ABS to send a “clutch down” signal to the ABS. This prevents the ABS from engaging the front brakes, but the wheels still roll. This “clutch down” feature is most common on cars that use a live coil in the ABS as the anti-stall system. However, it can also be found on some electronic “full-active” systems. The Hare Patch is placed in the engine compartment under the hood and the ECU is plugged into the charger box. The power is either provided by a 12-volt DC power source or by a 12-volt battery. Once the power is plugged in, the ECU will learn the proper




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AntiCrash And Hare Patch Setup Free moydagn

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