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Do you want to workout ONLINE but still need assistance? BOOTY BUILDER is the answer!

You can train anytime, anywhere!

This program is designed to improve your posterior strength and overall health.

The program is build to chase a progressive overload by changing the difficulty in each week.

Program details:

Duration: 6 weeks program

3 sessions / week

Every week will have a specific warm-up

Video for each exercise

Private and dedicated Facebook group

1 LIVE Q&A session on

Facebook / week

For more informations contact us:

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Why do we need to grow our glutes?

Well the answer is simple, besides the fact that glutes help us achieve a beautiful and harmonious physique, they interfere in almost any single move that we make, as they are the largest and strongest muscles from our body. In other words who wouldn’t love to have bigger glutes but in the same time a musculature strong enough to sustain daily activities? 


When it comes to developing the musculature of the whole body we need to take in consideration the next elements:

1. Always follow a growing progression of the volume and intensity of the workouts in order to obtain constant progress.

2. Establish a period for the exercises sessions and recovery between the sets, that will benefit the muscle growth.

3. Learn how to activate your muscles correctly through different positions and moves - this being an essential element not only for performance but also for your health.


Carefully follow the guidelines of the program to be able to train correctly the biggest muscle group of the human body - glutes 

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Olympic Judo Team

Consider ca rezultatele programului de antrenament sunt cele pe care mi le doream. Au contribuit, atat la dezvoltarea functionalitatii corpului meu, cat si la imbunatatirea aspectului fizic.




Toate antrenamentele concepute de Bogdan sunt extrem de bine gandite, pentru a lucra acesti muschi atat de importanti. Exercitiile versatile implica multa concentrare si efort. Antrenamentele de „Glutes” sunt si vor ramane unele dintre favoritele mele, avand efecte benefice notabile asupra sanatatii.”



Olympic Judo Team

Lucrez cu Bogdan de trei ani, iar în urma colaborarii mi-am îmbunatatit performanta sportiva. Pot spune ca programul de antrenament este foarte bine structurat, pentru ca mi-am dezvoltat fesierii intr-o perioada scurta de timp.

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