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About us

Health translates into discipline, work and intensity and this applies to all different ages. At a first glance looks a bit complicated, but is it really?


The Box unites a community of people with a common objective: having a healthier lifestyle. Our life today is very busy with work, meetings and social events, leaving little time for sport, lunch or sleep.


We have a solution for your busy schedule! All you need you to have when entering our door is the will to become healthier or a better athlete. We take care of the rest.


In all our actions we are guided by our mission to decrease the percentage of people who are not practicing any sport in Romania. Therefore our training programs are built to be scalable for all ages and different fitness levels. Our gym is open for all you, beginners and athletes of all ages.


Our trainers are eager to help you make the first steps in sport and are prepared as well to help athletes achieving their objectives and maximizing their performance.


The community here will help you go over barriers you never thought you were capable of. Its no fun training alone! The Box - Barbell Club is more than a gym, it’s a family!


Come and check it out!

Our team is ready

Bogdan, started practicing Judo at a very early age and then started focusing on Personal training. Currently he is the physical trainer for the Romanian Judo Olympic team and he happily accepted the challenge to be the Head Coach for The BOX Barbell Club. Bogdan is specialized on strength trainings and he believes that a training program should be based on the evaluation, identification and strengthening your weak points.


Besides his primary objective to guide people towards an active and healthy life, Bogdan wants to improve the concept of Personal Training.

Motto:”There is never an absolute answer to everything, except of course that you have to do your squats” - Mark Rippetoe."

Raluca is a certified Yoga instructor 200 hr vtt in Indonesia, by the Peacefull Warriors Bali. She teaches yoga with lots of enthusiasm and is motivated by the benefits the practie has brought to herself. Therefore she is eager to share the experience with everyone. Raluca thinks Yoga can be practiced by anyone who is interested, as thedepth in which one desires to go is a personal option.


The courses Raluca teaches are hatha and vinyasa. They are focusing on body postures, however the benefits can be sensed both at body level and mentally as well. There are simple teachings that one gets by practicing Yoga that can be applied anytime, even outside the gym. One of them would be to focus on what you are doing, on your goal and not compare yourself with the person next to you thus understanding what your limits are.

Since he was a child Gabi was passionate about sport. The first discipline he tried was gymnastics, however it was difficult for him to find a real motivation in it. Luckily, when he was 8, he found his true love, Weigthlifting.


His passion for this sport took him to different competitions like the 2012 European Championship in Turkey, where he placed 3rd with a total of 359 Kg (@85 Kg body weight). After that he was part of the Romanian Olympic Games team for 2012 and 2016 editions. At the 2016 European championship in Norway Gabi won  3 medals: Gold in Snatch (169 Kg), Silver in Clean & Jerk (202 Kg) and Silver with a total of 371Kg.


Having such a great experience Gabi accepted the challenge to help other people and teach them the secrets of weightlifting. If you are passionate about weightlifting or only want to understand how is best to lift heavy weights, Gabi is waiting for you in The Box.

It's quite difficult for me to do a self assessment, it always was, because I am raising the bar high when looking in the mirror.


I have started doing sports very early, with swimming and tennis, but at some point I have decided to take a brake. I came back 3 years ago with a strong will to overcome the lost time and so I have started to focus solely on sport. In the meantime I have discovered crossfit, a sport for which I have developed a passion and started competing in the last year and half.


I am a spontaneous and warm person that has learned how important discipline is. My aim is to share my values and expertise with people interested in sport, while making sure I adapt and focus on their needs.




"When nothing goes right... Go lift!"

Although I have been close to sports since a very young age, I cannot say that I have practiced one in a compelling way. To be honest,  I had quite a sedentary lifestyle until about 5 years ago, when I had the luck to bump into a community of people that dragged me to run with them. 


The transformation process was started and is irreversible. I lost around 20 kg in 6 months and started running long distances. After some more time I discovered Crossfit and it was love at first site. The people, the training, the thrill was amazing and helped me develop a better version of myself. A stronger me: both physically and mentally. 


As a consequence In January 2018 I have decided to change my entire life and follow my passion, putting all my energy, corporate experience into the The Box Barbell Club project. 


I feel is our duty to help others see how regular exercising and a balanced lifestyle can transform you into a better person. That's why our mission is to increase the ratio of people doing sports in Romania. We help them build a stronger version of themselves. 


Motto: "There is a key for every chest"

Curiosity and my will to help others made me to start working very early in my life, when I was only 13 years old. During my childhood I wasn’t very active, which can easily be seen in pictures as I was a chubby little boy.


After a few years of moving from place to place I decided to set camp in Cluj Napoca where I have started to work in IT. Having a flexible program soon became a problem as it translated into a chaotic life – working all day mostly.


One day, I chose to make a change and started doing crossfit, which helped me a lot in organizing my life and getting healthier. On top of that I got to meet a lot of friends including my future business partners: Bogdan and Dan. After one year the benefits were very visible: I was more active, more focused and in the best shape of my life– in one word Stronger.


One day, talking to Dan, we realized that we think alike about sharing with others our findings about the benefits of becoming more active, so they can fulfil their long term dreams.

I am a licensed nutritionist and dietitian, a graduate of the UMF "Iuliu Haţieganu" from Cluj-Napoca and part of the first generation of nutritionists and dietitians in Romania. 


I have a true passion for food, nutrition therapy, and health education. My mission is to share this passion for a healthy lifestyle and to enhance the health and well-being of individuals through effective, integrative, evidence-based and realistic approaches to achieving optimum nutrition.


I am a firm believer that the vast majority of premature deaths can be prevented through simple changes in diet and lifestyle. This can only be done by changing our relationship to food, focusing on „real" food, knowing where our food comes from and last but not least being physically active.

And, let's not forget that a healthy lifestyle is not a destination – it's a journey, and it's a lifelong process. 


I am currently working at Synobis Medical, the Center for Integrated Obesity Management and Nutrition Management in Cluj-Napoca, where I offer dietary counseling and I develop customized diet plans for children, adults, pregnant women, the elderly and athletes, as well as diet therapy in various nutrition-related pathologies.




My names is Olga Mezofi and I’ve been a massage therapist for 13 years now. I started working when I was 20 years old at the hospital and after gaining the experience that I needed I developed my own practice. My passion for massage began when I was a little girl. My father was a professional footbal player and he showed me the needs and the secrets of sports massage.

I am a good listener to my patients needs and I’m constantly upgrading my skills so I can overcome every challenge that comes my way. I am a mountain girl and I love every living being.

... book a massage :) 

Motto: I don’t have one.

Over the years I have tried different sports like football, basketball or handball, however volleyball
will always be close to my heart as a I have played it professionally for 4 years. 


In  2015 I have entered the world of fitness and became a Personal Trainer. My objective is to become the best version I can be and therefore I have invested in lots of trainings and courses for my personal development.


I have a passion for crossfit trainings, calisthenics or weightlifting but in the same time I enjoy  endurance sessions from time to time.


As long as you want me to help you, at least as much as I want to help you - I will be the best trainer you could ever have. 


Motto -  Good things come to those who 'weight'.